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Rising Sun – Partystar

Finger Food Menu

Part Pies + Sausage rolls w/ Tomato Sauce $2/pc (DF)

Cocktail Spring rolls w/ Thai sweet Chilli $2/pc (DF)

Mini Dim Sims w/ Sweet Soy sauce $2/pc (DF)

Arancini Balls w/ Tomato Romesco $2/pc

Assorted Sushi w/ Soy Sauce + Wasabi + Pickles $3/pc (GF)

Rum and coke Chicken Wings w/ Lime Aioli $2.5/pc (NF)

Pulled pork sliders w/ Apple slaw + Chilli mayo $4/pc

Haloumi popsicles w/ Fresh lemon $2/pc (NF)

Zucchini fritters w/ Saffron Aioli + Dill (VEG) $3/pc (NF)

Parmesan crusted Chicken Goujons w/ Red pepper aioli $3/pc

Beer battered seafood platter (Prawns, Fish Scallops, Calamari) w/ Lemon + Dill Aioli $4/pc

Lamb + Haloumi Kebabs w/ garlic + mint sauce $4/pc (NF) (GF)

Tomato + Feta Pesto Bites $3/pc

Crispy southern style Chicken w/ Sweet chilli Aioli $3/pc

Mini Pizza variety (Pumpkin pesto, Hawaiian, Calabrese, Margarita) $3/pc (NF)

Mini beef burgers (Ketchup, pickle, Iceberg, Chese, Tomato, Aioli) $3/pc (NF)

Petite Chicken Kiev bites w/ Lemon Aioli $2/pc

Mini Steak Sanga’s w/ Bacon Cheese, Onion, Lettuce $4/pc

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