April 25, 2014

Sports and beer always rejoice in each other’s’ company for every victory. They also weep together with every team defeat. Sports and beer have become so inseparable and it seems that there is no end in sight for their partnership. That is why men and even women look for the best sports bar to drink their beer and watch their favourite teams battle it out for supremacy.

So you ask yourself, how did these two end up together? Some claim that the romance between sports and beer began at the time when baseball became a sports hit in 1870. In order to keep baseball fanatics hooked on the promoters, they used beer to tie them in and that was when the resilient bond between sports and beer started. And then came the world’s first advertisement linking sports and beer together. It was the Burke’s Beer Company which released its ad showcasing popular ball players Buck Ewing and Cap Anson promoting chilled Burke’s Beer.

The enjoyment of watching a game while drinking beer

Nevertheless, the wonderful partnership was smeared by reports of drunken behaviour by fans at sporting events. To put a stop to this rowdy situation, the National League banned the sale of beer in ballparks everywhere. And that was when businessmen thought of setting up sports bars where people can watch their favourite sport and drink beer at the same time.

However, you may still wonder why people picked beer and not some fancy cocktail or whiskey and partnered it with sports. The reason behind this is because if sports fans were drinking whiskey or vodka instead of beer, there ought to be a hospital near where they are drinking. Beer is less alcoholic than other forms of liquor and sports fans would be able to finish a game while drinking beer without passing out. Various expensive advertisements have made beer an appealing partner while watching exciting sports events. To prove this, at one time the Chicago Cubs alone sold almost 30,000 beers in each of their home games, a quarter of the stadium’s total franchise business.

And this phenomenal revenue generation is now present in sports bars like the one at Rising Sun Hotel. It is a place where sports fanatics can genuinely show their passion for the game while drinking their favourite brand of beer. Come and enjoy watching your favourite team at Rising Sun Hotel.


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