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Date posted: September 18, 2014

Located in the vibrant suburb of Richmond, the Rising Sun Hotel boasts a degree of character and charm that is suited to cater for all your needs. 

The Rising Sun is a Richmond favourite, a true pub that welcomes all walks of life.

Different tastes require different needs and we can ensure that your every requirement can be carefully planned to make your visot at our Hotel a memorable one.

Part of the dining room can be privately sectioned off, or the entire room booked, along with the modern rooftop beer garden

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Date posted: August 20, 2014

Are you planning a big football party, birthday party, wedding party, family get together or some other type of event, but you’re not quite sure which way to go with it yet? The Rising Sun Hotel is a fantastic option if you are looking to host an unforgettable event at a price that won’t break the bank.

The Rising Sun Hotel offers a wealth of things to do both inside and out. If you are a sports lover The pub offers Fox sports live, UFC and more. It is featured in the hotel bar, and for planned events there is a plasma in the beer garden bar.

The Rising Sun Hotel is a family owned establishment that was built in the 1800s. If walls could talk…

This friendly little pub has an extraordinary craft beer and finger foods menu. Service is exceptional, and that they will go above and behind to make sure your event comes off without a hitch. This old place has all of the Modernized comforts you could possibly need. It truly is the best place to be whether you’re watching sports, holding a conference or planning a party.

One of the main attractions at the Rising Sun Hotel is the beer garden. You do not have to worry if it rains on the date of your event. With a retractable roof the beer garden will still be up and running and waiting for you and your guests. This to have a full bar, and full-service. There is also a large screen TV, and you can bring your own music if you’d like.

During booking just speak with the owner and relate what your needs will be. Rest assured everyone on staff will go above and beyond to meet them. There are several different booking options as an alternative to the beer garden. All you have to do is come in, look around and decide which would better suit you.

The Rising Sun Hotel has a small area that seats around 35 or and entire room that would comfortably fit 150 standing. The beer garden is good for up to 120 standing, and 60 people are required for booking. Some people choose to take advantage of the rooms and it go to the beer garden later. You do not have to pay extra for staffing the event either!

The Rising Sun Hotel is so much more then a neighborhood bar, it is an old world pub with all of the modernized means of today’s world. It is both conveniently and beautifully located. The culture of this little pub is something that words simply cannot describe. You do not visit the Rising Sun Hotel, you experience it.

So, whether you are planning and Nancy’s wedding party or you have NFL party duties this year contacted the Rising Sun Hotel and get accommodations set up so that you can enjoy the party too. Billiards, craft beer, great food, clean restrooms and full-service are just some of the great things awaiting you at the Rising Sun Hotel.

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Date posted: July 24, 2014

There is just no other place in Melbourne quite like the Rising Sun Hotel. Whether you are looking for lodging or a relaxing place to watch sports while enjoying your favorite spirits, this quaint and friendly little place is in a league of its own.

The Rising Sun Hotel features Fox Sports live. UFC is featured in the hotel bar, and any major game that is on will be playing at the friendly little pub. The same family has owned the place for over 50 years now, but the establishment was actually built back in the 1800’s. With that being said, if walls could talk this little place would have a lot of stories to tell.

One thing it has done throughout the years is maintain its little hometown pub look and feel. It is an awesome, friendly and relaxing place to take in your favorite sports and drink, and you can even grab a bite to eat right there at The Rising Sun while you watch.

The pub is conveniently located for travelers and locals alike in the suburbs of Richmond. There is a party room available if you want to get a group together top enjoy your favorite sporting events, and there is also a rooftop garden available for your pleasure. You can get finger foods at the establishment, and seating options can be accommodations can be worked out with staff.

The Rising Sun Hotel offers a full service bar that is always generously stocked, and there are BBQ facilities as well as a plasma TV on site. Background music will be played as well unless otherwise requested. You can even play your own music. You can inquire with staff for more details about that. You will need to have at least 60 people to book the rooftop area in the Beer Garden.

If you do not quite have that many people the main bar is also a super place to enjoy races, games or matches. It is very relaxing and service is always friendly. There are 7 different tap beers and your favorite spirits are always in stock.

You can also get up and move around the pub or play billiards while enjoying each and every UFC match, NFL game or ARL game that comes on. You will never miss a game or match worth seeing when you come to watch at the Rising Sun Hotel.

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Date posted: June 30, 2014

If you are looking for a one of a kind pub experience then you will want to check out the Rising Sun Hotel. It offers historic charm on many levels. It is actually an old English hotel offering up modern comforts and this quaint little hotel/pub offers a 5 county view for patrons. The Rising Sun Hotel is an amazing pub to visit, but what actually makes a great pub?

A great pub starts with the people who work there. They are a huge factor on atmosphere and the personality of the pub. This would be a place that is charming and also that offers up a bit of history to tell tales about around the fireplace on a cold winter’s day hence adding to its charm.

A charming pub will have a gracious and welcoming host. The foods offered would be delicious, and the spirits there would be as wonderful as the casual conversations around you. This would be a pub that you would long to return to.

So, a great pub would have an awesome host or hostess, clean restrooms, cold beers and even live music on set times and dates. There is a hotel right there as well, so having a night out without worrying about a designated driver is no problem.

Believe it or not, the restrooms is not the only thing that makes a great pub. You can also see what it is all about by the floors. Are they clean? The floors in any great pub will be well maintained, that is for sure!

The glassware in a great pub will also be related very closely to the pub’s reputation, style or type. While a classy pub may offer up crystal, an Irish pub may offer up beer mugs and shooters. Whatever the pub’s style you choose the glassware will always be clean, chip free and shining.

Some pubs will offer TV, some games and some friendly conversation around a warm fire, billiards, darts or awesome live music. You can always find something to suite everyone, but you cannot always find a pub to suit every style like Rising Sun Pub can.

The best thing about a great pub will be its patrons and staff. Alongside an enchanting history this is the best type pf pub you can find, and the truth is, they are very rare. This is a place that knows the names of locals and welcomes the rambler combining friendly charms alongside standards that only modern comfort can offer.

So. If you are in the area. And you are looking for a great pub, drop into the Rising Sun Hotel. You will certainly enjoy the enchanting little pub, and make sure you inquire about the history of the place while you are there.

Also, indulge yourself with some relaxation in the infamous beer garden on your visit to the pub. Try some of the many delicious dishes made by amazing chefs or watch TV on the big screen plasma tv. There is something here for everyone, including events hosting. Come on in and see for yourself why The Rising Sun is considered one of the best pubs around by locals and visitors alike.

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Date posted: June 16, 2014

Stop in for a Pint at the Rising Sun Hotel’s Beer Garden

The Rising Sun hotel is a favorite in the community. It has a beer garden that is fantastic despite the weather. You can enjoy this amazing beer garden year around, and the retractable roof means that even wet weather won’t stop your indulgence of the place.

This is a garden that offers has a very tropical feel, and it a very comfortable place to really relax and enjoy. The bar is very nice. It has everything that you need to really get the most out of your experience. There is even a large screen TV and awesome service.

The Rising Sun’s beer garden is available to rent out year around for functions. We will make sure that every even is planned and customized to offer you top notch services and accommodations you need the entire garden or a percentage of it. We will even help you with reservations at the hotel for guests if need be.

The beer garden offers a serviced bar that is always stocked, a retractable roof and barbecue facilities. Rising Sun provides background music and Ipod connectivity. Standing room is comfortable for up to 10 people.

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Date posted: April 25, 2014

Sports and beer always rejoice in each other’s’ company for every victory. They also weep together with every team defeat. Sports and beer have become so inseparable and it seems that there is no end in sight for their partnership. That is why men and even women look for the best sports bar to drink their beer and watch their favourite teams battle it out for supremacy.

So you ask yourself, how did these two end up together? Some claim that the romance between sports and beer began at the time when baseball became a sports hit in 1870. In order to keep baseball fanatics hooked on the promoters, they used beer to tie them in and that was when the resilient bond between sports and beer started. And then came the world’s first advertisement linking sports and beer together. It was the Burke’s Beer Company which released its ad showcasing popular ball players Buck Ewing and Cap Anson promoting chilled Burke’s Beer.

The enjoyment of watching a game while drinking beer

Nevertheless, the wonderful partnership was smeared by reports of drunken behaviour by fans at sporting events. To put a stop to this rowdy situation, the National League banned the sale of beer in ballparks everywhere. And that was when businessmen thought of setting up sports bars where people can watch their favourite sport and drink beer at the same time.

However, you may still wonder why people picked beer and not some fancy cocktail or whiskey and partnered it with sports. The reason behind this is because if sports fans were drinking whiskey or vodka instead of beer, there ought to be a hospital near where they are drinking. Beer is less alcoholic than other forms of liquor and sports fans would be able to finish a game while drinking beer without passing out. Various expensive advertisements have made beer an appealing partner while watching exciting sports events. To prove this, at one time the Chicago Cubs alone sold almost 30,000 beers in each of their home games, a quarter of the stadium’s total franchise business.

And this phenomenal revenue generation is now present in sports bars like the one at Rising Sun Hotel. It is a place where sports fanatics can genuinely show their passion for the game while drinking their favourite brand of beer. Come and enjoy watching your favourite team at Rising Sun Hotel.

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Date posted: March 31, 2014

Bar and Pubs are the usual places where people like to meet and hang-out, drink and have fun. Although many think that both these establishments are the same, they are not.

Bars are establishments that serve drinks for consumption on the premises. A Pub generally is a place for locals to hang out, eat and drink.

The term “Bar” is derived from the counter where the drinks are served by the bartender. Whereas the “Pub” is derived from public house, which is a drinking establishment, is a type of bar.

Bars usually have a younger crowd and patronage, where people just come to get drunk and have a good time. They serve a variety of alcohol such as beer, wine, cocktails and mocktails and offers a limited menu and few food options, mostly appetizers. Bars also offer entertainment such as singers and live bands. It has an age limit of 18 or 21 depending on where it is located. Children are generally not allowed to enter it. Bars are commonly associated with loud, bold, lively, happy ambience. There are also different types of bars that cater to a niche clientele such as sports bar, comedy bar, gay bar, karaoke bars, college bar and biker bar to name a few.

Pub is a drinking establishment fundamental to the culture of Britain, Ireland, Australia, Newfoundland and New Zealand.

Pubs offers drinks and a wide range of food to their clientele that is mostly locals or regulars who come to relax and unwind after work. Most pubs offer a variety of beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks. Since pubs offer a wide range of food, they can also be called a restaurant, where families and friends can gather, eat, drink and be merry. Children are allowed as long as they are accompanied with adults for dining purposes. Pubs usually have a casual atmosphere with soothing and quiet music.

Pubs also usually host a trivia night, open mic, live betting, and sports betting and probably have a pool table or card table. There are also themed pubs for catering to specific clientele such as strip pubs, Irish pubs, sports pub and many more.