June 30, 2014

If you are looking for a one of a kind pub experience then you will want to check out the Rising Sun Hotel. It offers historic charm on many levels. It is actually an old English hotel offering up modern comforts and this quaint little hotel/pub offers a 5 county view for patrons. The Rising Sun Hotel is an amazing pub to visit, but what actually makes a great pub?

A great pub starts with the people who work there. They are a huge factor on atmosphere and the personality of the pub. This would be a place that is charming and also that offers up a bit of history to tell tales about around the fireplace on a cold winter’s day hence adding to its charm.

A charming pub will have a gracious and welcoming host. The foods offered would be delicious, and the spirits there would be as wonderful as the casual conversations around you. This would be a pub that you would long to return to.

So, a great pub would have an awesome host or hostess, clean restrooms, cold beers and even live music on set times and dates. There is a hotel right there as well, so having a night out without worrying about a designated driver is no problem.

Believe it or not, the restrooms is not the only thing that makes a great pub. You can also see what it is all about by the floors. Are they clean? The floors in any great pub will be well maintained, that is for sure!

The glassware in a great pub will also be related very closely to the pub’s reputation, style or type. While a classy pub may offer up crystal, an Irish pub may offer up beer mugs and shooters. Whatever the pub’s style you choose the glassware will always be clean, chip free and shining.

Some pubs will offer TV, some games and some friendly conversation around a warm fire, billiards, darts or awesome live music. You can always find something to suite everyone, but you cannot always find a pub to suit every style like Rising Sun Pub can.

The best thing about a great pub will be its patrons and staff. Alongside an enchanting history this is the best type pf pub you can find, and the truth is, they are very rare. This is a place that knows the names of locals and welcomes the rambler combining friendly charms alongside standards that only modern comfort can offer.

So. If you are in the area. And you are looking for a great pub, drop into the Rising Sun Hotel. You will certainly enjoy the enchanting little pub, and make sure you inquire about the history of the place while you are there.

Also, indulge yourself with some relaxation in the infamous beer garden on your visit to the pub. Try some of the many delicious dishes made by amazing chefs or watch TV on the big screen plasma tv. There is something here for everyone, including events hosting. Come on in and see for yourself why The Rising Sun is considered one of the best pubs around by locals and visitors alike.


Address:395 Swan St Richmond 3121 Melbourne Vic Australia
Phone:(03) 9427 9992
Fax: (03) 9427 0922

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