July 24, 2014

There is just no other place in Melbourne quite like the Rising Sun Hotel. Whether you are looking for lodging or a relaxing place to watch sports while enjoying your favorite spirits, this quaint and friendly little place is in a league of its own.

The Rising Sun Hotel features Fox Sports live. UFC is featured in the hotel bar, and any major game that is on will be playing at the friendly little pub. The same family has owned the place for over 50 years now, but the establishment was actually built back in the 1800’s. With that being said, if walls could talk this little place would have a lot of stories to tell.

One thing it has done throughout the years is maintain its little hometown pub look and feel. It is an awesome, friendly and relaxing place to take in your favorite sports and drink, and you can even grab a bite to eat right there at The Rising Sun while you watch.

The pub is conveniently located for travelers and locals alike in the suburbs of Richmond. There is a party room available if you want to get a group together top enjoy your favorite sporting events, and there is also a rooftop garden available for your pleasure. You can get finger foods at the establishment, and seating options can be accommodations can be worked out with staff.

The Rising Sun Hotel offers a full service bar that is always generously stocked, and there are BBQ facilities as well as a plasma TV on site. Background music will be played as well unless otherwise requested. You can even play your own music. You can inquire with staff for more details about that. You will need to have at least 60 people to book the rooftop area in the Beer Garden.

If you do not quite have that many people the main bar is also a super place to enjoy races, games or matches. It is very relaxing and service is always friendly. There are 7 different tap beers and your favorite spirits are always in stock.

You can also get up and move around the pub or play billiards while enjoying each and every UFC match, NFL game or ARL game that comes on. You will never miss a game or match worth seeing when you come to watch at the Rising Sun Hotel.


Address:395 Swan St Richmond 3121 Melbourne Vic Australia
Phone:(03) 9427 9992
Fax: (03) 9427 0922

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