June 16, 2014

Stop in for a Pint at the Rising Sun Hotel’s Beer Garden

The Rising Sun hotel is a favorite in the community. It has a beer garden that is fantastic despite the weather. You can enjoy this amazing beer garden year around, and the retractable roof means that even wet weather won’t stop your indulgence of the place.

This is a garden that offers has a very tropical feel, and it a very comfortable place to really relax and enjoy. The bar is very nice. It has everything that you need to really get the most out of your experience. There is even a large screen TV and awesome service.

The Rising Sun’s beer garden is available to rent out year around for functions. We will make sure that every even is planned and customized to offer you top notch services and accommodations you need the entire garden or a percentage of it. We will even help you with reservations at the hotel for guests if need be.

The beer garden offers a serviced bar that is always stocked, a retractable roof and barbecue facilities. Rising Sun provides background music and Ipod connectivity. Standing room is comfortable for up to 10 people.



Address:395 Swan St Richmond 3121 Melbourne Vic Australia
Phone:(03) 9427 9992
Fax: (03) 9427 0922

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