March 31, 2014

Bar and Pubs are the usual places where people like to meet and hang-out, drink and have fun. Although many think that both these establishments are the same, they are not.

Bars are establishments that serve drinks for consumption on the premises. A Pub generally is a place for locals to hang out, eat and drink.

The term “Bar” is derived from the counter where the drinks are served by the bartender. Whereas the “Pub” is derived from public house, which is a drinking establishment, is a type of bar.

Bars usually have a younger crowd and patronage, where people just come to get drunk and have a good time. They serve a variety of alcohol such as beer, wine, cocktails and mocktails and offers a limited menu and few food options, mostly appetizers. Bars also offer entertainment such as singers and live bands. It has an age limit of 18 or 21 depending on where it is located. Children are generally not allowed to enter it. Bars are commonly associated with loud, bold, lively, happy ambience. There are also different types of bars that cater to a niche clientele such as sports bar, comedy bar, gay bar, karaoke bars, college bar and biker bar to name a few.

Pub is a drinking establishment fundamental to the culture of Britain, Ireland, Australia, Newfoundland and New Zealand.

Pubs offers drinks and a wide range of food to their clientele that is mostly locals or regulars who come to relax and unwind after work. Most pubs offer a variety of beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks. Since pubs offer a wide range of food, they can also be called a restaurant, where families and friends can gather, eat, drink and be merry. Children are allowed as long as they are accompanied with adults for dining purposes. Pubs usually have a casual atmosphere with soothing and quiet music.

Pubs also usually host a trivia night, open mic, live betting, and sports betting and probably have a pool table or card table. There are also themed pubs for catering to specific clientele such as strip pubs, Irish pubs, sports pub and many more.


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